[ Accessories] Parts

For standing · desk xylophone

standing and desk xylophone parts
standing and desk xylophone parts

1Pin for beams end

2Rubber for concert marimba [Mountain Shape]

3Pin for Marimbas and Xylophones

4Rubber Thick/Thin

5Pin for Metallophone

6Rubber for beams end

7Pin for ECO32/X32K

8Screw and rubber for KG32

For Boxphone · Glocken

Boxphone, Glocken parts
Boxphone, Glocken parts

9Nylon pin for UX100

10Pin and rubber for Orff [hole]

11Pin and rubber for Orff [space]

12Nail and rubber for Meta-soprano [hole]

13Nail and rubber for Meta-soprano [space]

14Screw and rubber for UG01[hole]

15Screw and rubber for UG01[space]

16Screw and rubber for UG320/KG80 [hole]

17Screw and rubber for UG320/KG80 [space]

Spare string · spring

spare string,spring

18Underlay rubber for orff

19Tapered springs [4pcs/set]

20Gold springs [2pcs/set]

21Strings for 400 and 120

Strings for 500, 550 and 300

Strings for 660, 650 and 555

Strings for 800, 750, 725 and 700

Strings for 1500, 1200 and 850

Strings for 3000 and 2400

Strings for KT300

Strings for KV/KT400 and KT750

Strings for PV1000 and PV2000