PF 3000CC (Black res.)

concert marimba

  • Going toward perfect sound quality, Perfection Series

  • The Bars is made from selective Honduras Rosewood. Elegant wood grain in natural color tones give an impressive presence. Sonorous low tones and a clear sound register are admired by world-class professional players. Everything focuses on the pursuit of the best sound quality, creating a marimba masterpiece. That is the Perfection Series.
  • In the Perfection Series, only grade AAA Honduras Rosewood is used for the Bars. The frame is designed with fewer parts in order to keep deep sound without losing sound vibration.


  • Extra-Higrade Honduras Rosewood Bars
  • Easy assembly frameset
  • Color Selectable Resonator
  • Easy tuning
  • 4 1/3oct. - 5 3/4oct. scale
Bar grade scale dimensions
PF 3000CF AAA C16 - F81 5 1/2 oct. 275x120x86.5
PF 3000CC AAA C16 - C76 5 oct. 258x120x86.5
PF 3000AF AAA A13 - F81 5 3/4 oct. 294x126x88
PF 3000AC AAA A13 - C76 5 1/3 oct. 277x126x88
PF 1500FF AAA F21 - F81 5 oct. 253x105x86
PF 1500FC AAA F21 - F81 4 2/3 oct. 228x105x86
PF 850 AA+ A25 - F81 4 3/4 oct. 232x97x85.5
PF 800 AA+ A25 - C76 4 1/3 oct. 199x97x85.5

PF 3000CC (Yellow res.)

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