LV 2400CF

concert marimba
'La Vue'

  • More close to you, more beautiful.

  • Feel a Korogi marimba close to you. New design and simple solid structure. Easy to choose, with affordable price. Of course with a standard high-grade keyboard expressing abundant sound quality.
  • Lightness, easy-assembling and high-performance, Korogifs new line-up, la Vue Series.
  • Higrade Honduras Rosewood Bars
  • Easy assembly frameset
  • Color Selectable Resonator
  • Easy tuning
  • 4 oct. - 5 1/2 oct. scale
  Bar grade Scale Dimension
LV 2400CF
AA+ C2 - F7 5 1/2 oct. 269x113x86.5
LV 2400CC
AA+ C2 - C7 5 oct. 252x113x86.5
LV 1200FF
AA+ F2 - F7 5 oct. 247x98x86
LV 1200FC
AA+ F2 - C7 4 2/3 oct. 222x98x86
LV 850
AA+ A3 - F7 4 3/4 oct. 226x97x86
LV 800
AA A3 - C7 4 1/3 oct. 209x97x86
LV 700
AA C3 - C7 4 oct. 208x97x86
LV 700
  • Light frame

  • Side frame boards are designed for easy carrying as well as lightness. This frame is about 20% lighter than the same size marimba of Perfection Series.
  • *(This weight difference is a result of the different natural materials used.)

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