The best sound quality for the best performance

Bars of Korogi's Extra higrade marimba are made from selective rosewood. They account for only 1.2% of our whole imported timbers from Guatemala, South America.
Craftsmen spend much time both distinguishing the appearances such as quality, color, grain, density of wood, and recognizing the sounds when tapped one by one.
Starting with the pursuit of superior materials, every part like frame and resonance pipe is handcrafted carefully for Korogi's marimba.
We sincerely hope our musical instruments into which all our techniques, experiences and knowledge meet great musicians around the world and create superb music.

No matter how superior the timber is, it can not be used for the best marimba without outstanding techniques.
What required are perfectly finish by an exclusively developed machine tool, precise handcraft with the artisan spirit, and keen human senses.
We spend generous time and effort on creating high quality sound for a piece of bars satisfying professional players.

Look at sounds, Listen, Feel, and Create the sounds

Making bars of marimba begins in Guatemala of South America, the home of rosewood.
After arriving at Japan, the rosewood is seasoned in a large-scale special dry room under appropriate humidity control for a few years. Then it is cut into pieces and drilled a hole on by a special machine tool.
Craftsmen repeatedly recognize the sounds one by one in order to choose materials.
For the music which all marimba performers play, we create musical instruments, works of art.

    AAA class Bars of KOROGI
  • Only one-third of the imported rosewood from
    Guatemala, South America is used for bars of Marimba.
  • Besides, those for AAA class account
    for just 4% of it (about 1.2% of the total).

Our distributor of various countries

(Australia) Just Percussion
(America) West Music Co./DBA Percussion Source
(China) Shanghai Hau Sheng Educational Instrument Co.,Ltd
(Europe) Pustjens Percussion Products
(Hong Kong) Takatimi Percussion
(Korea) Seoul Percussion Music
(Taiwan) Hau Sheng Wooden Instruments
(Singapore) Blessing Music and Education Pte Ltd

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Rosewood Bars are only about one-third
of the imported rosewood materials.